Complete Body Balance - Massage Therapy, Holistic Nutrition. Balancing your body improving your life

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Balancing your life  
Managing your stress
  Nourishing your cells


Would you like to feel better about your body,

...or about your life?

Are you taking better care of your car, or of your house,
...than of your body?

(listen to the video below for more information)

If you are tired of the pain in your shoulders, neck, lower back, joints, feet...

 If you are frustrated with symptoms related to digestion, sleep, skin, weight...

... therapeutic massage, or holistic nutrition, or both, can help.


“…A lifted spirit, a calm mind & an energized body create a peaceful,
compassionate person. Peaceful compassionate people working
together will create the world we deeply desire.”

- Joseph Carter, Director of Acupressure Institute